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This Just In: Hundreds of Vintage Jewelry Looks You’ll Love

Spotlight on Art Deco Jewelry!

We’re proud to be home of one of the most unique jewelry collections in the Orlando area, which is due in large part to our focus on Estate jewelry. From today’s top designers to jewelry that has seen decades, we buy a wide array of looks we know you’ll love! The best part is, because we purchase Estate jewelry so frequently, there’s always something new to discover in our collection; it’s like the best kind of treasure hunt!

Recently, we had the honor of acquiring a large array of Art Deco Jewelry designs that we can’t wait to show off. But before we get to the new looks you can find in our cases, let’s delve further into one of the most recognizable periods in jewelry design.

What Classifies as Art Deco Jewelry?

The Art Deco period ranged from the early 1920s into the late 1930s, though authentic Art Deco jewelry was produced between 1920 and 1935. The term “Art Deco” was coined in 1925 in Paris as a shortened version of an exhibit at the World’s Fair: Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, or International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts.

What Are the Characteristics of Art Deco Jewelry?

The Art Deco period is one of the most recognizable eras for the average jewelry lover, as these designs are extremely distinctive. If you’ve ever seen The Great Gatsby or have dressed as a flapper for Halloween, we can bet you’re familiar with Art Deco jewelry design. But just in case, let’s look at a few defining characteristics of Art Deco jewelry:

    • White Metals: Sorry Yellow Gold lovers, white metals, specifically platinum, reigned supreme in the Art Deco era. Several factors contributed to the use of platinum. First, in 1924, the world’s largest deposit of platinum was found in South Africa’s Merensky Reef. Additionally, Platinum could be used to create settings that were both fine and durable but would not tarnish like silver. White gold was sometimes used as well to meet the demand for white metals while battling rising platinum prices.
    • Geometric Designs: Arguably THE tell-tale sign of Art Deco jewelry is the geometric, symmetrical design artists favored. Often opting for pave settings, designers created industrial inspired looks packed with diamonds and gems.
    • Filigree: As stunning as it is delicate, Filigree jewelry was at the height of its popularity during the Art Deco period. The intricate cutouts are another feature of this era and Monarch is one of the only jewelers in the Orlando area that can restore this type of jewelry to its former glory.
    • Colored Gems: Diamonds were prevalent in Art Deco designs, but they were frequently accented with a pop of color. Classics like Blue Sapphires, Emeralds, and Rubies were extremely popular, but designers also chose coral, jade and lapis lazuli.
    • Calibre Cut Stones: Inventive jewelry designers of the Art Deco period often thought outside the classic gemstone cuts, custom cutting stones to fit into a specific jewelry design. These gems were set closely with other stones or metals to create a rich look with very little open space.

Our Favorite Art Deco Jewelry Looks of the Moment

Art Deco Sapphire & Diamond Estate Bracelet

Our stunning Platinum Art Deco Bracelet featuring 294 round diamonds, approximately .02ct each, 6cttw, and 33 3.5X3.5mm Princess Cut Blue Sapphires, approximately 6cttw. At 7 inches in length and 27.2 grams, this design would be welcomed by any September birthday girl or Art Deco jewelry lover!

Art Deco Diamond, Yellow Gold, and Platinum Filigree Ring

A rare Art Deco Jewelry find, this Filigree ring uses both platinum and yellow gold and centers around 2 round half carat diamonds. If you’re a size 7, this ring is waiting for you! Love this look but not a size 7? Our expert craftsmen can resize virtually any ring to make it the perfect fit!

Art Deco Platinum & Diamond Filigree Ring

An excellent example of the geometric designs favored in the Art Deco Era, this platinum Filigree ring spotlights a 1.5ct. center diamond. If you’re planning the ultimate proposal and your love has a special place in her heart for Art Deco jewelry, you’ll want to come shop this ring before it’s gone!