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Design, Re-Design, and Repair Your Jewelry at Monarch

We are home to more than just breathtaking jewelry! Throughout the Orlando Area we are known for exquisite custom jewelry design creation, expert jewelry repair, and our knowledgeable employees who are always ready to help you right here in Winter Park, Florida.

Design and Re-Design Your Treasures

When it comes to designing your own custom jewelry, we will work closely with you to fully understand your vision. The possibilities of your creation are endless—from engagement and wedding jewelry, to pendants and necklaces, to earrings, brooches and more. But it doesn’t end there! We also re-design your old pieces to spice them up and make them feel brand new, while maintaining that sentimental value they hold.

Repairing Your Jewelry

Here at Monarch, we are your Winter Park jewelry experts specializing in silver, gold, and platinum metal repairs, in addition to intricate heirloom jewelry repairs! We pride ourselves on our distinct ability to take on just about any jewelry repair that comes through our Winter Park doors. With the newest available technology and our amazing in-house jewelry repair experts and goldsmiths, we offer a breadth of repair services that very few jewelers can match.

Seeing is Believing

We could go on and on about our amazing designs and repairs, but a picture is worth a thousand words!


You had me at Yellow

Custom Yellow Diamond Ring from Monarch Jewelry
When it comes to custom jewelry, the world is truly your oyster. This ring is a custom 1.99ct. Yellow Sapphire Ring… and is simply jaw-dropping!

Worn and Torn

Custom Made Diamond Engagement Ring from Monarch Jewelry
This beautiful ring is a 5-carat diamond that we reset in the mounting. This ring was worn every day for many years and eventually the prongs began to lose their grip. To preserve the lust and beauty of this ring, we replaced the head and reset the diamond.

Preserving the Memories

Customized Gold Pendant with Diamonds Created by Monarch Jewelry
Believe it or not, this pendant was once a circle! In this re-design we cut the circle into four equal parts, reversed the edges and added the bar in the center. To give the owner more options to the piece, we made it so the center bar would be removable with several interchangeable centerpieces.

The Clock is Ticking

With the holidays coming up, it’s a perfect time to show your loved ones how much you love them by giving them a custom piece, or a re-designed piece that once meant a lot to them! And don’t forget: if you have a piece that’s broken, don’t chuck it just yet! Let us bring it back to life!

Be sure to visit Monarch Jewelry, your Orlando Area Jeweler, for the best in design, re-design, and repairs!