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Monarch Marks the Spot: The Estate Jewelry Treasure Hunt


“Rich the treasure,
Sweet the pleasure”
-John Dryden, Alexander’s Feast


Seeking out exceptional estate jewelry is a lot like embarking on a treasure hunt.  So ready your sea legs and climb aboard, because if Orlando is Treasure Island, then Monarch Jewelry is a chest filled with the most exclusive estate jewelry buried treasure across the seven seas.

Every Piece of Estate Jewelry Tells a Story

Monarch Jewelry is constantly buying new designs and collections, so our coveted showroom is filled with a stunning compilation of both contemporary and antique estate jewelry.  Possessing everything from Victorian-style pieces to Art Deco designs, our showcases are a charismatic display of colored gemstones, sparkling diamonds, glorious gold and striking silver, precious pearls and opals that will have you over-the-moon.  Shop our collection to update your personal treasure chest with designs that boast a unique and romantic history that can’t be found elsewhere.  We also add designer items to our estate jewelry collection quite often. Get your hooks on designer pieces that tell a story at exceptional prices.  We promise that you’ll go back to your pirate ship feeling like you got a real steal, right here in the Orlando area.

Victorian Slide Bracelet – 001-440-00131


All Hands On Deck for Estate Jewelry Requests

Our knowledgeable crew would rather walk the plank than leave a valued customer dissatisfied, that’s why we’re all hands on deck with friendly and pleasant service for any of your jewelry needs.  Considering that the estate jewelry collection is ever changing, our crew is eager to keep an unpatched eye out for particular gemstones, styles or designs so that you can stay informed as to when those items join our treasure trove. Let us give you the map with X marks the spot for your favorite jewelry!