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Exclusive Rare Gemstone & Jewelry Design Event

Thursday, August 16th

For two generations, Artinian Gems has been scouring the foothills of Sri Lanka, navigating the mines of Tanzania, and perfecting superior gemstones in their Thailand cutting facility, to meet one goal: be the authority in locating and sourcing the world’s most exquisite gems to top jewelry stores across the seven seas.

Lucky for the jewelry lovers of Orlando, Artinian Gems is coming to Monarch Jewelry!
On Thursday, August 16th, our showcases will be shimmering with a vast collection of Artinian Gems’ loose colored gemstones for your choosing. Enter our Orlando jewelry store with a dream and leave with a one-of-a-kind gemstone design to treasure for years to come.

Select Your Gemstone(s)

Aligning with Monarch’s values, Artinian Gems emphasizes quality, fairly-priced gemstones. Their favorite aspect of their business is partnering with top local jewelers to provide an extensive selection of stunning gemstones. Being that Monarch Jewelry is the Orlando area’s top local jeweler, this collaboration is sure to be an amazing event!

With a gemstone collection from Artinian Gems, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from classic favorites, like sapphires and rubies, to the world’s most rare and unique gemstones — all you have to do is show up!

Select Your Setting

Designer’s Delight

Your new gem can be placed within a ready-made setting for a unique twist on a designer look that only you will have! Place an Artinian Gems’ sapphire in a ring setting that perfectly complements the sultry blue stone. Select a stunning pendant setting just-right for that rare and exotic tanzanite gemstone. Choose a bracelet design that is fit to feature multiple gemstones, and then alternate colored stones from Artinian Gems. There is no limit to the jewelry designs just waiting to be discovered here at Monarch Jewelry!

Captivatingly Custom

Looking to turn your gemstone from Artinian Gems into the ultimate unique jewelry design? You’ll be at the right place. Monarch Jewelry is Orlando’s source for custom jewelry creations! Work with our experts to create a completely custom look—turn an Artinian Gems gemstone into something entirely your own!

Don’t miss out on this remarkable Artinian Gems event! Add us to your calendar for Thursday, August 16th, at our Orlando jewelry store. You’ll be glad you did!

Looking for something specific? RSVP below and let us know 😊