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Add A Pop of Color: Gemstone Engagement Rings

Step outside your comfort zone and trust the Monarch Jewelry team to help find you an extraordinary colored gemstone engagement ring! It’s almost 2018, which means it’s time to say hello to a new era of engagement rings. Jazz up the traditional white diamond by adding your own unique twist. A pop of color is just what you’re missing, add a halo of accent gemstones or simply install a colored gemstone as the eye-catching center stone. Say, “I do” to this new contemporary style!

Are Diamonds Always a Girl’s Best Friend?

In the past few years the trend and demand for colored gemstone engagement rings has gained major popularity. You can find different styles and colors in top selling fashion magazines like Vogue, Glamour, and Brides. Even celebrities are flashing around these beautiful gems like, Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry and Eva Longoria. We picked out three of our favorite colored gemstones for those daring enough to try.

Dazzle in Canary & Yellow Diamonds

Yellow Diamond Lafonn Ring

Looking for a vibrant and fun approach to your engagement ring? Check out a yellow diamond! Its unique and radiant color will definitely be an unforgettable look. Yellow is a color of warmth, love and happiness. It has been a symbol of creating new beginnings throughout time. This ring foresees the bright and positive future for the new couple ahead.

Be a Bride in Morganite

Lafonn Morganite Ring

Morganite is one of the most romantic colors you can incorporate into an engagement ring. Its pinkish, blush undertones sit perfectly against any bride-to-be’s skin tone. A morganite center stone has been one of the more popular rings of 2017, most likely due to the fact that it pairs so nicely with an elegant setting, allowing light to accentuate the rosy tone. This gemstone engagement ring channels a more feminine, classy side but is forever memorable for any bride.

Shine Wearing Sapphire

Sapphire Lafonn Ring

Blue Sapphire engagement rings have been a timeless piece for centuries. Signifying beauty, prosperity, and faithfulness. It was one of the most common gemstones bought by Royalty and is still relevant today. Kate Middleton was proposed to with an alluring sapphire heirloom ring given by Prince William. Sapphires look striking as a center stone with a white gold or silver setting. Monarch Jewelry offers an amazing collection of sapphire jewelry in our Estate cases. Give her the blue ring of her dreams!

Create Your Dream Gemstone Engagement Ring

Our experienced master jewelers have nailed how to create awe-inspiring engagement rings that match your personal style. We listen to our couples and handcraft exactly what they are searching for. We can custom design your dream ring whether it be a colored stone center or an accented stone, there’s no limit on your imagination. We’re dedicated to making you say “yes” to the ring!