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History of the Engagement Ring

A Long History, In a Nutshell

We love sharing the Orlando area’s hottest engagement ring trends, but now we’re taking it back to the beginning. The history of the engagement ring originates from a Roman custom in which wives wore rings attached to small keys, signifying their husband’s ownership. During the Middle Ages stemmed the rise of “posy rings,” which were bands engraved with romantic poems and phrases.  Even back then, they were worn on the left-hand ring finger because it had a vein that runs directly to the heart.  In 1477, the first diamond ring was produced and that ignited a trend of diamond engagement rings being produced.  A diamond’s purity and elegance now symbolize the depths of a man’s commitment to the woman he loves.

Celebrate New Beginnings

Today, an engagement ring is a beautiful symbol of the love and commitment that two people share together.  Come celebrate the new journey you and your soulmate are about to begin at Monarch Jewelry.  For over 15 years, we have been providing engagement rings from top designers and custom-made rings to Orlando couples who are ready to say “yes”.  We’ll work with you, so you find your happily ever after here at Monarch Jewelry.  Through the craftsmanship behind every ring, our expert jewelers will make your dreams become a reality.

Elegant, Breathtaking, Timeless

Every romance is unique and at Monarch Jewelry we understand that!  We’ll help you personalize your very own engagement ring to the precise details you have always envisioned, whether that means a simple engraving or completely custom design.  Engagement rings are the start of an amazing journey leading up to your wedding day and we’ll help you start your adventure in the right way.  Celebrate your love at Monarch Jewelry today and find your dream engagement ring.