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Spotlight on Jewelry Repair: Art Deco Engagement Ring Restoration

From the very beginning, one of our favorite parts of serving the Orlando area has been restoring vintage and estate jewelry back to its former glory. Whether it’s a simple repair on a clasp to make a necklace wearable again or a complete overhaul on a design that has seen much better days, jewelry repair and restoration is our bread and butter. We’re even able to take on complex repairs that other jewelers are unable to complete on-site!

This is an Art Deco Engagement Ring that was normally set with a 2.4 carat diamond. Almost a hundred years of wear resulting in this ring being brought to us for a complete reconditioning. When we restore an original jewelry design, we utilize methods that match the period’s techniques. Modern equipment would allow us to create straighter, cleaner lines in places, but the purpose here is to restore the engagement ring to its original condition as much as possible.

Before Ring Repair & Restoration

When the ring was first brought to our Orlando area jewelry store, the top of the setting was so mangled that the center diamond no longer fit. The main prongs were missing or worn out, so there was no means of holding the center stone in place.

Art Deco Engagement Ring Missing Center Stone Before Repair

Additionally, the shank was cracked in various places, the engraving was worn out and the under gallery designed to rest on the top of the finger was broken or missing.

Art Deco Engagement Ring with Broken Shank - Before Jewelry Repair

Several of the smaller diamonds were missing as well due to the ring being so deformed.
Art Deco Engagement Ring Missing Side Diamonds - Before Jewelry Repair

After Ring Repair & Restoration

Our jewelry repair and restoration experts got to work right away to breathe new life into this wearable piece of history. We restored the under gallery with the original design elements to support the ring and allow it to comfortably rest on the top of the finger. Additionally, we rebuilt the shank and hand engraved detailing in the shank, as well as revitalized the milgrain edge. Finally, we restored the sparkle, rebuilding the prongs and resetting the center diamond and replacing and resetting the missing side diamonds.

Restored Under Gallery

Art Deco Engagement Ring with Restored Under Gallery

Rebuilt & Restored Shank

Restored Art Deco Engagement Ring with Hand Engraving

Reset Center Diamond & Side Diamonds

Vintage Art Deco Engagement Ring After Jewelry Repair

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as restoring the sparkle and shine to vintage engagement ring! Do you have a ring – or any other jewelry design – that you think is beyond repair? Bring it in to our Orlando area jewelry store! We’re confident that we can surprise you.