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Spring in to Restore Your Sparkle: Our Top 10 Jewelry Repairs

Spring is a season of renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation. Here at Monarch Jewelry – Orlando’s top jewelry store –this time of year is particularly popular for jewelry repair. We get it, life happens—but that doesn’t mean you need to go even one more day without wearing that jewelry design you love so much just because it needs a little extra TLC to bring it back to life!

It’s time to stop pushing those broken clasps, dull gemstones and lackluster chains to the back of your jewelry box and pop into Monarch for all of your Winter Park jewelry restoration needs! Our jewelry repair experts are known for bringing designs back to life that were once considered beyond repair. Intrigued? Keep reading to learn all about the 10 most common jewelry repairs we see at Monarch…

  1. Ring Sizing

    Did you guess her ring size and purchase an engagement ring that doesn’t fit? Maybe you shed some pounds in preparation for the summer and now your favorite ring is too large, or perhaps you inherited a gorgeous antique ring as an heirloom, but your great-great-grandmother had small, dainty fingers. Don’t fret! Monarch can resize your ring up or down. If your ring is too large, our expert goldsmith will carefully remove the extra metal and solder the ends back together so precisely you’ll never know this wasn’t the ring’s original size. When a ring is too small, we will add more material at the bottom, or stretch the ring out a bit to extend the size very slightly.

  2. Ring Prong Re-Tipping or Replacement

    The prongs on your ring have done their job of holding tight to that gorgeous gemstone for years now—but they tend to loosen up or wear down after years of wear and tear. Our jewelry repair experts will “re-tip” the prongs of your ring quickly and efficiently by adding material to the existing, worn down prongs.
    For prongs that are excessively worn, you may need us to replace them—which means we will repair the entire head of the ring.

  3. Ring Head/Setting Replacement

    When two or more prongs on a ring need to be re-tipped, we typically recommend that we replace the whole head of the ring with a brand-new set of prongs. Ring head replacement allows for greater security of the head and a more enduring repair.

  4. Ring Setting/Stone Tightening

    If the prongs of your ring are intact and unworn, but the gemstone is loose in its setting, a stone tightening is in order. With ring setting/stone tightening, our experts will simply tighten the stone in its setting by adjusting the existing prongs.

  5. Chain Repair

    Chains are necessary to many jewelry designs. However, chains can also be very delicate. Even the most well-made chain can break due to an accident or years of repeated wear. Our expert craftsmen can restore or repair your broken chain to make it good as new again!

  6. Clasp Replacement

    A broken clasp should not prevent you from wearing your favorite watch, necklace, or bracelet, as Monarch can make that repair in no time! Clasp replacement is one of the most common jewelry repair requests we receive here in our Orlando jewelry store.

  7. Gemstone Replacement

    Whether the gemstone of your favorite jewelry design was scratched, chipped, lost, or you’d simply prefer to replace your stone with something new, we’ve got you covered. Here at Monarch, we offer gemstone and diamond replacement services for all types of jewelry. Our skillful jewelry repair experts will replace the stone with the utmost care.

  8. Pearl Restringing

    You’ll want to be sure to come to Monarch for pearl restringing in Winter Park. Pearl restringing services are not offered by many jewelers. However, we at Monarch take care to restring pearl necklaces so they’re as good as new! You’ll be wearing them again in no time!

  9. Polishing & Cleaning

    There are many do-it-yourself jewelry cleaning methods circling the web these days. Our experts urge you to not buy into the hype. Many homemade jewelry cleaners are too harsh or abrasive for certain jewelry designs and some DIY cleaning methods can actually damage your designs, especially those with pearls, emeralds, or opals. Many acidic cleaners can damage porous gemstones, and most recommended DIY tarnish-removal methods risk scratching the metal or stone of the item. Trust the experts who have dedicated years of their lives to jewelry polishing and cleaning can truly know what’s best for your particular jewelry design.

  10. Complete Restoration

    Family heirlooms and estate sale finds that seem beyond repair are where our team of jewelers really shine. The way they are able to restore smashed, twisted, and tarnished jewelry back to its past glory is truly incredible! Last year they were able to take an art deco engagement ring that was missing stones, had broken prongs, and dulled scrollwork and make it look like it was brand new, all while retaining the historical design details.

Whether you need a simple cleaning or complete restoration, Monarch is your source for expert jewelry repair in the Orlando area! Call or stop in today.