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Wear the Rainbow: October Birthstones

It’s Libra and Scorpio season, happy birthday October babies! This month jewels include not one but two October Birthstones: Opal and Tourmaline. Exquisite tourmaline gems flash colors of the rainbow and Opals leave you gawking at their milky undertones. Monarch Jewelry has the perfect gift for your October-born loved ones!

Opal: Symbolizes Hope, Strength & Protection

October Birthstones: Black Opal Earrings and Opal Ring

You can count on people that are born in October to be natural peacekeepers and keep everyone happy. That’s exactly what their Opal October birthstone symbolizes. It is a karmic stone, encouraging positivity and good karma. The opal is known as a protective stone and promotes harmony within.

Wearing this reflective stone also boosts confidence and self-worth, which is why many Royal people wore it during the Roman era. Here in our Winter Park Jewelry Store we strive to make sure everyone leaves with a piece that makes him or her glow with confidence.

Opals have been around for centuries-scientist say over 10,000 years! One of the most famous opals to date is the Aurora Australis – even the name sounds exotic and rich. It is considered to be the worlds most valuable “black opal”. The name is fitting due to the intense red, green and blue hues that sit against its natural deep, black background. Opal enthusiasts will want to check out our Estate Jewelry cases- stocked with precious finds!

Gemstone of the Rainbow

Hand With Rainbow

Tourmaline is classified as Earth’s most colorful gemstone, for good reason. The stone comes in every color of the spectrum, each containing its own unique name and representing something different.

Who could forget when Beyoncé’s rare Paraiba tourmalines shut down the 2016 VMAs. Her incredible tourmaline jewelry sure was a showstopper. Tourmaline is the perfect gemstone to splash some color into your wardrobe.  Monarch Jewelry has amazing fashion collections that have all the jaw-dropping colors you need to add this fall.

Estate Tourmaline PendantLafonn Tourmaline Ring

Above is a stunning Victorian Pendant in yellow gold that features 5 accent round tourmaline gemstones. Not only is this design beautiful, but it is also a part of our Estate Collection – an extremely rare find! Another tourmaline color is this pretty pink shown in the Lafonn Birthstone Eternity Ring. Lafonn has great birthstone jewelry you have just got to check out.

We’re in love with the different colors of both Opal and Tourmaline October birthstones! Interested in seeing more of these incredible October Birthstones? Fill out the form below for more information!