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Do you have unwanted gold, diamonds, and jewelry designs laying around collecting dust? An old jewelry box filled with treasures you no longer yearn to wear?

Winter Park’s Monarch Jewelry has the solution for you. We want to take these old treasures off your hands and buy them from you! Leave our store with a handful of cash, or some brand new sparkling jewelry when you sell or trade-in your old gold, diamonds, or jewelry.

All That Glitters Is Gold!

Monarch Jewelry is the Orlando area’s first stop for selling old gold. We offer competitive pricing for your old gold jewelry, coins, and other items based on the most current gold standards. Sell your gold to Monarch Jewelry and earn some extra spending money. There is no better feeling than decluttering your home, and we’re here to help!

We Want Your Old Jewelry

In the fashion world, trendy styles change from year to year, from clothing, to handbags, to jewelry. What was the most stylish look that you could not possibly live without 10 years ago may not be your first choice now. Not to worry! Monarch Jewelry wants to buy your old jewelry designs, and take them off your hands. Sell us those designs you no longer love, and we’ll provide you with an honest evaluation and fair price. We guarantee we’ll find your old jewelry a happy home here at Monarch.

Diamonds Are Not Always Forever

There is nothing more precious than a dazzling diamond, but if it’s getting no use or love, why not sell it? The Orlando area trusts in Monarch Jewelry for our competitive pricing and our quality service. We’re more than happy to sit down with you, talk you through the diamond buying process, and allow you to decide if you’re ready to part with your sparkle. Know that when you sell your diamonds to Monarch, we’ll give you an accurate estimate and allow you to weigh out your options. While you need pressure to make diamonds, we’ll never pressure you when you’re selling them!

Why Sell Your Treasures to Monarch

As the go-to jewelry store location in Winter Park, Monarch Jewelry takes pride in treating our customers with respect and providing quality service. As an honest, family owned business, we will inform you if your design is rare or extremely valuable and offer you a fair price. Although it is unlikely that a design is still worth its full retail value, we will always provide the best price you can get. By trading in or selling your gold, jewelry, and diamonds, you are reducing the need for mining raw materials, and therefore helping us sustain a green economy.